Future Living Skills community education programme 

The Future Living Skills community education programme went free online on September 28.

Future Living Skills is the new name and look for the Sustainable Living Programme, earlier versions of which have run in participating councils for many years. Future Living Skills supports lifestyles that generate less carbon to the air, less waste to landfills and less pollution to rivers. 

Mobilise the transformative power of the world’s young people

2030 Agenda UN

On July 19 the United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres told the eight-day High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development that mobilising the transformative power of the world’s young people is an important pathway to achieving sustainable development.

In September the UN will launch a strategy to support and engage young people.

“Education”, said Guterres,“ is essential – as a critical tool for empowerment, for advancing gender equality and decent work for all, and for changing the way we produce, consume and live.”

Australian ACE Environmental Scan 2017 Update

This report profiles Australian ACE in terms of its distinctive features, current scope and scale of providers and programs. For each ACE program, it outlines participants, outcomes achieved and key national policies supported. Trends in Australian ACE programs, participants and outcomes over the past five to ten years are also included to identify challenges facing their sustainability, where comparable data is available.