Who we are

Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa is the lead body for adult and community educators and a voice for adult learners.

ACE Aotearoa is a dynamic network of adult and community educators committed to a society based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi, a guiding framework that enables ACE Aotearoa to give due recognition to the status of Māori as Tāngata whenua, and Tāngata Tiriti as citizens of our shared country. It actively promotes and supports the diversity of lifelong learning in Aotearoa New Zealand and fosters collaboration and cooperation to the advantage of adult learners, educators and providers.

ACE Aotearoa is a membership organisation which represents both its members and the wider ACE sector. It provides advocacy and direction for policy development and its implementation.


Transforming Communities and Whanau through Adult and Community Education


Enabling LIFE through learning, Creating Confident Communities.

Our Kaupapa

We exist to support people's adaptiveness and resilience in an ever changing environment:

  • Whakamanahia Te Tiriti o Waitangi: Enlivening Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • Whakamanahia te whanua/hāpori: Leadership in the sector and being inclusive.
  • Whakamanahia ngā taura tāngata: Building and developing enduring relationships
  • Whakamanahia te iti kahurangi: Excellence: High trust, high integrity, high quality.
  • Whakamanahia te tāngata ahakoa ko wai, ahakoa no hea: Independence: respecting and reflecting diversity in the ACE Sector
  • Whakamanahia ngā tirohanga: Being aspirational: sharing dreams and connecting to achieve them

What you will see when we have achieved the result

  • Confident and prosperous whanau and communities
  • Robust large networks, longitudinal research, gatherings of the young and sassy  with the old and  wise
  • People coming together in structured ways to create learning communities and directing resources there
  • Ever increasing investment in the sector, more providers, increased membership and participation.
  • Greater connectedness between the four pillars of education, health, housing and employment, and between groups delivering in the community.

Our Strategies

  • Research and Policy to inform Government and communities
  • Regional and national forums of learners
  • Tools for providers to engage and support learners
  • Intergenerational sharing of knowledge
  • Robust and sustainable leadership focused organisation

The Result:

Intentionally led communities of learners