The Future Living Skills community education programme went free online on September 28.

Future Living Skills is the new name and look for the Sustainable Living Programme, earlier versions of which have run in participating councils for many years. Future Living Skills supports lifestyles that generate less carbon to the air, less waste to landfills and less pollution to rivers. 

There are eight learning guides including making your home healthier and warmer, how to reduce waste going to the landfill, organic food growing, how to reduce your power bill, and water use efficiency. 

The website-distributed education materials are now available on-line free anywhere in New Zealand. 

The programme is supported by the Ministry for the Environment Waste Management Fund. 

Anyone can register and to the programme individually – or a group can use the resources – stimulating discussion and support. 

Potential tutors or study group champions are invited to make direct contact with the National Coordinator, Rhys Taylor on 03 6938726 or (Send letter or CV to show why and where you could facilitate group learning on sustainability. Share your relevant experiences, to join the team. Training events held in member council areas.)