In Australia: a media training programme for Indigenous prisoners

A media training programme for Indigenous prisoners in Australia is helping them gain skills that may lead to a job – and get their stories out.

The latest issue of Adult Learning Australia’s magazine, Quest, has an article about the media training and the stories the inmates tell:
"Whether it’s making the most of education, giving up smoking, sharing stories of inspiring women, celebrating International Women’s Day or learning to drive, the show connects with audiences inside and outside the prison fences.”

Towards a national lifelong learning policy for Australia

Adult Learning Australia is bringing together leaders from across adult education, community, social services, government and business to build a vision for lifelong learning in Australia.

The summit is being held in Melbourne on 17 April 2018

It is designed to support the Federal Government to articulate an integrated and comprehensive lifelong policy, with a primary focus on adult education.

Adult Learning Australia is calling for an integrated lifelong learning policy that:

Australian ACE Environmental Scan 2017 Update

This report profiles Australian ACE in terms of its distinctive features, current scope and scale of providers and programs. For each ACE program, it outlines participants, outcomes achieved and key national policies supported. Trends in Australian ACE programs, participants and outcomes over the past five to ten years are also included to identify challenges facing their sustainability, where comparable data is available.