ACE Sector Steering Group

Members of the ACE Sector Steering Group represent the national organisations of the main ACE providers in Aotearoa New Zealand.  The members are committed to collaborating on key strategic issues for the benefit of ACE learners.  ACE Aotearoa is a member and provides the secretarial services.



  • provide strategic oversight of ACE Aotearoa from a sector and stakeholder perspective; 
  • to provide assurance, accountability, support collaboration, and increase the visibility of the work;  
  • provide leadership to the ACE sector; 
  • serve as an authoritative commentator on emerging ACE issues; 
  • promote public awareness and understanding of ACE; 
  • foster collaboration at national and regional levels; 
  • encourage research and policy development on ACE issues and its effective dissemination; 
  • engage with key stakeholders, including political spokespeople. 

ACE Sector Aotearoa