This page contains shortcut/access keys that can help you to navigate to commonly used pages. Access keys allow users to use the keyboard keys for functions which are normally done using a mouse or pointing device. Keyboard access is important for users who do not have the ability to use a mouse or pointing device.

To use these shortcut keys, hold down the ALT key (PC) or CONTROL key (Apple Macintosh) and then one of the keys in the table below. 

Firefox and Opera users should refer to the Access Key Reference below the table. In some browsers, you may have to press Enter to confirm your choice. 

Access Key > Function
1 > Home
2 > About us
3 > Our Sector
4 > Governance
5 > Policy
6 > Events
7 > Professional Development
8 > ACE Place
9 > Resources
0 > A reference list of accessibility keys (this page)

Access key reference

The following key combinations are used to activate the access keys and are dependent on your operating system and web browser.

If your browser is different from those listed below, refer to your web browser documentation for the correct access key combinations.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

PC with Internet Explorer: Alt->Access Key->ENTER

Press the *ALT* key followed by the *Access Key*, followed by the *ENTER* key.

Mozilla or Firefox

For PC users with Mozilla or Firefox: ALT Shift->Access Key

Press the *ALT* and *Shift Key* together, followed by the *Access Key*

Apple Macintosh

For MAC users with Safari (1.2 upwards): CTRL->Access Key-> ENTER

Press the *ALT* key followed by the *Access Key*, followed by the *ENTER* key.

Opera 7

Shift Esc->Access Key

Press the *Shift* and *Esc* together, release then enter *Access Key*.