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Fifty Year of Learning: A history of Adult & Community EducationThis monograph aims to provide a brief but critical history of adult and community education in Aotearoa over the past fifty years. It draws on a substantial body of research much of which has yet to be published. The field of adult and community education is very broad and it may be approached from many different perspectives (R. M. Tobias, 1996b). For the purpose of this monograph, however, we have not attempted to embrace all forms and aspects of the field but instead have focused primarily on those activities which have had adult learning as their main purpose and ‘community’ as their contexts. This implies that our focus has not been on learning by children and teenagers, or on institutional, credentialled or industrial learning. This does not mean, however, that all such learning has been excluded from our history, but rather that our focus has not been on these forma of learning.

Ministry of Education, Andy Jackson, speaking at the ACE Conference 2017.

Mavis Mullins ACE Conference Presentation 2017Mavis has a primary sector background in sheep, beef, dairy and apiary commercial activities for both private enterprise and large corporates. She is a wool classer by trade and has a deep passion for wool, a sensuous natural fibre. With Chinese, Irish and Máori whakapapa Mavis easily straddles boundaries of gender, culture and belief systems. She is a founding member of The Super Diversity Council. Mavis is an experienced and sought after director and currently holds positions as Chairman of Taratahi, Atihau Whanganui Incorporation, Poutama Trust, and PSGE Rangitane Tu Mai Ra. She is Patron of AWDT and a board member of Nga Whenua Rahui and Accelerate 25. Past board positions include Landcorp Farming, Massey University, Hautaki and 2 degrees mobile. Her deepest concern is how we face the future in a dynamically changing world, how we make technological shifts our norm and how we encourage our people to stay engaged and relevant. Mavis is married to Koro and they have four adult children and 14 precious mokopuna.