1 Te Toki Voyaging Trust: creating motivated, strong, independent learners and leaders
3 Thrive Wanganui: skills for social enterprise (and a more inclusive economy)
5 Future Living Skills: increasingly popular in a fastchanging world
7 Shama: connected, confident and protected ethnic women
8 The NZ ‘P’ Pull movement: supported by Wesley Community Action
10 iQ Talanoa: pathways and poetry
12 Hutt Valley Tokelau community: confidence and inspiration
12 International:Adult Learning in Scotland 2020
14 ACE Aotearoa News: The International Scene Civics Education in Communities Community Research and ACE
16 ACE Noticeboard

Research completed for Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa by Fleur Chauvel, Independent Researcher and Evaluator (2019).

Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa has commissioned this environmental scan to provide a snapshot of the scale, scope and impact of ACE in Aotearoa, and to understand ACE capability and capacity.

ACE Aotearoa Annual Report 2019 Cover

04 Co‑chairs’ Overview
06 Director’s Report
07 Sustainable ACE – Our People Our Stories
11 Key Statement of Intent Deliverables 2019
18 ACE Learning in the Community
19 ACE Sector Strategic Alliance
19 ACE Sector Capability Steering Group
20 Professional Development
23 Festival of Adult Learning Ahurei Ākonga
24 International Activities
28 ACE Place and ACE Outcomes Tool
30 Our Stories Annual Awards Recipients 2019
33 Consolidated Performance Report

  • ACE schools report an increase in demand
  • Parenting support at Tararua REAP: empowerment and selfreliance
  • Fānau-centre approach to Recognised Seasonal Employment Scheme
  • K’aute Pasifika: expanding ACE opportunities in Hamilton
  • Ngāti Tamaoho community education
  • Rangatahi-led Lift Youth Employment
  • PolyeLearning: the new PEC student portal
  • Kaiapoi Food forest: building community self-reliance
  • Ara Institute’s free computing: tackling the digital divide
  • Active Citizenship: creating positive change in communities
  • International: Covid-19 brings it home
  • Festival of Adult Learning
  • Our people
  • ACE Awards 2020
  • ACE News Noticeboard


  • Necessity driven innovation: ELP’s unexpected win from Covid-19
  • Literacy Aotearoa
  • 13 REAPS: connection, inspiration and innovation
  • Life under lockdown: schools rise to the challenge
  • COMET’S YEP Guy – and youth self-care
  • Support for refugee learners at Hagley College
  • Whenua Warriors: supporting community-led food security
  • Rauawaawa Kaumātua Charitable Trust: keeping kaumātua connected, informed and entertained (as requested)
  • Rotorua Youth Centre: opportunities for real connection
  • Enabling Youth: keeping households supported and calm
  • SkillWise and systems change
  • AKAU: providing a national resource for whānau and schools
  • Do Good Feel Good: engaging Pasifika youth
  • Te Aroha Noa: support during the rahui
  • WELLfed: building on an investment
  • Whau ACE: “one more string to our bow”
  • Canterbury WEA: maintaining a grand old tradition
  • Learning Centre Whānau Family Support Services
  • International: Covid-19 and ACE across the globe
  • ACE News: Research and PD