Whanganui Learning Centre ACE ConferenceThe Whanganui Learning Centre team brings skills and experience from the fields of community development, adult and community education, educational leadership, and research and evaluation. It is a multiple award winner and a Category One NZQA registered Training Provider. The mission of the Whanganui Learning Centre Trust is to work from a holistic and flax-roots model of development where the learner and communities drive their own development.

Those presenting include: Victoria Campbell, an educator and designer with extensive experience in the tertiary education sector in New Zealand and the Middle East; Deb Hill, an academic researcher and educator with experience across all levels of education; Kellee Bartlett, a driver of flax-roots development in community and Gail Harrison, a community developer and educator. The group will be supported by Rihi Ponga, a member of the WLC team.

In this workshop, you will be an active participant in the examination of assumptions, mind-sets and traditional models of learning and development. You will interact with the team who will share an approach to working with people to affect change from within. The team will give you tools to work with by examining specific cases and reflecting on teaching, learning and development practice.

AKAU ACE Conference Presentation 2017Ana Heremaia is an interior architect, experienced in the community engagement aspect of the design process. Whānau drew Ana back from London and Melbourne to New Zealand and with both of her parents buried in Ngawha, Ana’s heart is most definitely in the far North.

ĀKAU means where the land meets the water – a place of transition. Ana and the two other young women who established ĀKAU in Kaikohe have created a model of ACE that while ticking all the boxes in terms of good practice, is operating in an entirely new context: a professional architectural and interior design studio that provides disengaged young people with a no cost opportunity to learn, using a hands-on approach to design real projects. They also won the ACE Aotearoa Annual Award 2016 for Programme of the Year.

Skills Highway ACE Conference Presentation 2017Dr Nicky Murray is the programme manager for the Skills Highway workplace literacy and numeracy programme, which is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission and based at the Industry Training Federation. She has been involved in industry training, workplace learning, and adult literacy and numeracy for a number of years. Nicky is a strong proponent of lifelong learning, having begun her under and post-graduate studies later in life. She is passionate about the contribution that good literacy and numeracy outcomes make to a skilled and productive New Zealand.

Anne works as a researcher and evaluator. She has an interest in adult learning and the impact it has on those who participate in programmes. She has conducted a number of research projects with learners in workplace, community and tertiary education settings.

In their workshop, Nicky and Anne explored what PIAAC tells us about adult Literacy and Numeracy skills in New Zealand. They looked at workplaces as a vital part of our communities and the role of community provision in connecting to workplaces, employers and adult LN learners. They also examined how change can be maintained after workplace LN programmes end and how this can be supported and enhanced by community provision.

Using your Smartphone for photos and VideosThis presentation includes some apps you can use for creating pictures and videos for social media.

Surviving and thriving in a climate of changeAfter 41 years in primary, secondary and adult education, Colin recently entered retirement and in this workshop, brings together some of his experiences during what has been a testing time in non-formal tertiary education.

Offered the choice between taking redundancy from Wellington High School when funding was cut in 2009, or facing the challenge of rescuing a programme possibly doomed to failure, he took on the task and has led the programme from strength to strength over the last eight years.

In this practical workshop Colin will look at how the CEC not only survived the cuts but thrived in a continually challenging environment. He will offer many useful ideas and suggestions, including branding and marketing, programming, managing costs and more.