In his workshop, Mike will share insights on how we can support learners who have been short-changed by the education system (especially those with dyslexia and other learning differences) to achieve in tertiary education and the workplace.

Mike Styles is the National Specialist – Literacy and Numeracy at Primary ITO (Industry Training Organisation).

He has led some major initiatives to support learners to achieve such as Primary ITO’s mentoring programme, where volunteer mentors assist industry trainees to achieve their qualifications.

Over the last five years, Mike has led Primary ITO’s programme to support learners who have dyslexia, and other learning differences. He is the project lead in an Ako Aotearoa National Project Fund research study to discover how best to support adults with dyslexia in multiple tertiary learning environments. He has presented on Primary ITO’s wrap-around support programme for dyslexic learners at conferences in Oxford UK, Modena Italy, and Hobart Australia.