UNESCO 4th Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (ALE)

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) undertakes research, capacity-building, networking and publication on lifelong learning with a focus on adult and continuing education, literacy and non-formal education.

This report published at the end of last year explores participation in adult learning and education from the perspective of equity and inclusion. Leave no one behind. That was the resounding message of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Life skills and participation in ACE

EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults) has just published a new policy paper outlining the key principles of a life skills approach and its potential for increasing participation levels in adult learning.

“Life skills are building blocks of independence and self-efficacy. They are combinations of different capabilities that enable adults to become lifelong learners and to solve problems in order to live an independent life and participate in society.”

Ako Aotearoa research – on lifelong learning, agency, literacy and numeracy

Ako Aotearoa has a project that is exploring and developing adults’ life-long learning capacity through the integration of agency, literacy and numeracy.

They note that “Readiness for lifelong learning requires that adults be agentic learners, equipped to enact pro-active strategies in the pursuit of self-directed learning goals, self-managing their learning process and using, evaluating and modifying learning strategies.”

A review of the literature found that:

Creativity opportunity in the community

Paintvine is a fun painting experience available in several venues in 10 cities around Aotearoa New Zealand. The venue provides the apron, the paint, the canvas and some teachers.  There are options to create your own painting or join in a group activity.