Ako Aotearoa has a project that is exploring and developing adults’ life-long learning capacity through the integration of agency, literacy and numeracy.

They note that “Readiness for lifelong learning requires that adults be agentic learners, equipped to enact pro-active strategies in the pursuit of self-directed learning goals, self-managing their learning process and using, evaluating and modifying learning strategies.”

A review of the literature found that:

  • lower-skilled adults, while motivated to succeed, enact little agentic learning behaviours
  • foundation level tertiary organisations do not intentionally develop learner agency
  • traditional NZ literacy and numeracy lessons may cultivate non-agentic behaviours.

So they see great potential to improve the outcomes of current Literacy and Numeracy provision, increase learner uptake and use of existing resources, and to equip adults to engage in ongoing life-long learning.

Their project aims to explore learner agency in foundation-level education and develop a culturally compatible Professional Learning Development package designed to increase learner agency through three impact areas.

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