Education and climate change

The Eurydice Network of the European Commission has a recent article on their website about how education can contribute awareness and action on climate change.

Platform for Lifelong learning - in Europe


The Lifelong Learning Platform is an umbrella organisation for European organisations working in education training and youth. There are 42 members including formal, non-formal and informal providers.

Their policy areas include 21st century skills, inclusive education and funding.

Adaptability – another crucial soft skill

In June this year UK’s Learning and Work Institute announced the findings of a new Youth Commission report, Tomorrow’s world: Future of the Labour Market:

“It finds that the UK’s 2030 workforce is likely to be more diverse, with more women and disabled people in work, and a growth in the number of people with caring responsibilities. Self-employment in areas such as the gig economy is likely to grow too, and rising demand for skills means young people without good qualifications could struggle to find work or build a career.”


Recent OECD publications on adult learning

This year the OECD has published dashboards on adult learning and skills strategy – and a report on engaging low skilled workers in learning.

The dashboard publications have been informed by OECD.Stat – which has data and metadata for OECD countries and selected non-member economies. This allows the organisation to provide comparative data on the current situation in member countries.