The Lifelong Learning Platform is an umbrella organisation for European organisations working in education training and youth. There are 42 members including formal, non-formal and informal providers.

Their policy areas include 21st century skills, inclusive education and funding.

Earlier this year the Platform for Lifelong Learning published a lifelong learning briefing paper - Implementing a holistic approach to lifelong learning: Community Lifelong Learning Centres as a gateway to multidisciplinary support teams. The purpose of the paper was “to inform European Institutions as well as national policy and decision makers on the issue of integrated and holistic approach to lifelong learning as well as to provide the context at a high level and share a few recommendations on ways to establish lifelong learning systems at local, regional and national level”.

The Platform for Lifelong Learning also organises a LLL Week which aims to raise awareness on lifelong learning’s capacity to answer many challenges of modern societies, bringing learners, educators, field workers policy makers, researchers and political representatives together to discuss educational challenges.