On Tuesday October 4 TVNZ’s programme Nigel Latta’s Hard Stuff (on demand) was called Degrees of Success.  It examined whether getting a university degree is always the best option.

The programme included a look at young people Not in Education Employment or Training (NEETS).  There were some interesting statistics: Today 1 in 5 young people in Aotearoa New Zealand are unemployed, and if they do not get a job within 3 to 4 months of leaving school, on average they will be on a benefit for 18 years

Nigel Latta interview Sharon Wilson Davis, the CEO of Strive Community Trust in South Auckland, who talked about giving young people a second chance by providing education a different way. The programme included an interview with Martha who had turned her life around through the Strive programme.

Interestingly too, the programme included an interview with Jason Walker, Recruiter, who said that personal attributes and qualities and experience could win a person a job, over a applicant with a degree.  The personal attributes and qualities were: attitude, aptitude, ambition, aspiration and attendance. “Attendance”, he said, was the biggie for most employers.