Whanganui Learning Centre Trust and Tupoho Whanau Trust have published their report on Participation, Retention and Progression of Māori Tertiary Learners in the Whanganui Region.

Support for this work was provided by Ako Aotearoa through its Regional Hub Project Funding scheme.

The report notes that participation, retention and progression of Māori learners in tertiary education are key concerns nationally.  In Whanganui learning outcomes for Māori locally have declined over the past five years, and remain below those of non-Māori.

The project aimed to investigate how two Private Training Establishments could work together to: develop co-joint, and/ or complimentary programming to enhance the participation of learners, particularly Māori, and more specifically, Tangata Whenua of the Whanganui region; and share their knowledge and experience to enhance foundation education and recognize broader concepts of literacy as described and discussed in the Whanganui Iwi Education Plan 2005. 

The report noted that ‘Collaborative action was not limited to the two PTEs.  Others were pivotal in the process of enabling and improving student participation, retention and progression; most notably, the local Iwi Educational Authority (Te Puna Matauranga o Whanganui).’

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