This year Adult Learning Australia (ALA) was provided with support from the Department of Education and Training, Canberra to explore the value and use of Results-Based Accountability (RBA) by Adult and Community Education (ACE) providers in relation to their non-formal learning programs.

The research was in response to the way that outcomes in post compulsory education are currently measured – either successfully completing a qualification and getting a job and/or going on to further study.

In their report, ALA noted: “These [current] measures are not suitable to demonstrate outcomes achieved by ACE through its non-formal learning programs. These programs provide a ‘learning gateway’ for people who want to engage in learning but who face barriers to participating in formal accredited education programs and/ or who are not interested in formal programs.”

The research project found that RBA “appears to have merit in relation to ACE’s non-formal learning programs as a means of producing robust evidence of the differences that these programs make to the adults involved and for use for both continuous improvement purposes and to show the effectiveness of their programs to their funders and justify their funding.”

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