Wan Smolbag Theatre is a Vanuatu NGO that provides community education across the Pacific. It was established in 1989.

Their Mission:
Creating awareness, dialogue and empowerment in a range of areas from governance, development, health and wellbeing, and resource management through a variety of approaches including sharing information, encouraging reflective practice, challenging attitudes, encouraging behavioural change, cultivating a sense of belonging and community, and decreasing stigma and discrimination.

Wan Smolbag started as a voluntary theatre group. In Vanuatu, they now have a reproductive health clinic, a youth centre, a conservation network and a sports centre. They produce materials such as a television show, DVDs, booklets and posters for education and training in communities, NGOs, schools and government departments.

Wan Smalbag is core funded by Oxfam, Australian Aid and the New Zealand Agency for International Development.

Click here to see one of their films. It is about domestic violence.

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