Barrier to learning

A UK report, Barriers to learning for disadvantaged groups was published in August 2018.

This qualitative research found that there has been a decline in the numbers of adults participating in skills training and publically funded learning, and that this will have an impact on the country’s future prosperity, fairness and inclusion.

The research found that whilst all participants were able to discuss at least one barrier to taking up learning, the most disadvantaged learners were more likely to describe the cumulative effect of multiple barriers to learning. These groups included: people in receipt of benefits; people with disabilities and health conditions; single parents; and participants whose first language is not English.

Participants suggested a range of avenues for supporting more adults to learn. These included overcoming practical barriers such as cost and childcare, and strongly and inclusively conveying the value of learning. They suggested using awareness raising campaigns which highlight that learning is for everyone. They also advocated making information available on the internet but also in public forums so that people encounter it as they go about their everyday life.

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