A newly released report State of the Nation 2019: Social Mobility in Great Britain, notes that “inequality is still deeply entrenched in Britain: there is a persistent gap in early literacy; the attainment gap at the end of secondary school has hardly shifted since 2014 and the better off are nearly 80 per cent more likely to end up in a professional job than those from a working-class background.”

The authors have identified the barriers that disadvantaged people face and make recommendations which are designed to help disadvantaged people fulfil their potential.

Recommendations address barriers in early childhood education, school education, further education and higher education.

In the further education section the authors note that:

  • At 16 disadvantaged students are more likely to enter further education than school sixth forms but the FE sector, which includes apprenticeships, is overlooked and needs funds to give students high quality education
  • Disadvantaged students still do worse in improving their scores when they resit Level 2 exams compared to their more affluent peers and the gap between disadvantaged and advantaged students is growing.
  • Per student funding for 16–19-year olds has fallen 12 per cent since 2011–12 and is now eight per cent lower than for secondary schools (11–15-year olds), leading to cuts to the curriculum and student support services that harm disadvantaged students.

They recommend significant extra funding for all 16–19 years olds and a new student premium for disadvantaged young people.

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