In the UK there is a Parent Champions National Network. There are 50 schemes across the country and about 300 parents volunteering.

Parent Champions are parent volunteers who give a few hours a week to talk to other parents about the local services available to families.  

The Parent Champions model is delivered by parents for parents, with the support of a local authority, children’s centre, school or local community organisation.

Recently the UK Learning and Work Institute published Parent Champion programmes: a guide for family learning providers. In their introduction they note: “Research shows that family learning produces positive impacts for adults and children from disadvantaged backgrounds by raising aspirations, increasing parental involvement in their child’s learning, improving outcomes and narrowing the attainment gap.”

The guide aims to assist those who want to start or develop a parent champion programme.

The guide lists the benefits to parents as: increased confidence and self-esteem; transferable skills that can be used in employment; pathways to further training, education and employment; and feeling of personal efficacy in helping other parents and contributing to a community.