2019 – 2033
A report by the Auckland Languages Strategy Working Group was published in August 2018.

The strategy sets out a 15 year plan to support the learning of languages so that we can do what is needed to help create a multilingual Aotearoa New Zealand.

The vision is that by 2020 all Year 1 students are learning te reo Māori in schools and by 2033 all high school graduates will be able to converse in more than one language.

The strategy is designed to sit within a wider national languages policy that sets out goals and actions in four areas: valuing, maintenance, learning and use.

The report describes the changes needed in early childhood education, primary and secondary schools, tertiary education, and adult, community and other education.

The strategy has been developed by the lead authors (Morgan Patterson from ILEP, Jeff Johnstone, from Education consultancy Group, and Susan Warren from COMET) with extensive advice and input from a wide range of language experts and organisations including CLANZ, TESOLANZ, English Language Partners and Multicultural NZ

Click here to read the language strategy report.