State of the Internet 2017

Each year InternetNZ reports on the State of the Internet here in New Zealand. They cover what they think are key and useful metrics for analysing and understanding the Internet, grouped around three topic areas: access, trust, creative potential. Each year they have a special theme that they take a deep dive into. This will enable them to tap into less frequently conducted research and surveys without creating gaps in their routine metrics and analysis.

The special theme for this year’s report is trust

Trust in, or on, the Internet is vital. At InternetNZ we work to promote the Internet’s benefits and protect its potential. That potential will be unrealised if trust online falls away or if people don’t trust the Internet to do what they want, when they want. Fake news, disinformation campaigns, ransomware and having your banking credentials phished can all whittle away your trust, or even your willingness to use the Internet. Understanding trust, and what we all need to do to protect it, is vital if New Zealand as a society is going to realise the potential of the Internet. This report sets out what New Zealanders are telling us about trust online and presents some statistics on Internet technologies that can improve trust.

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