Online courses are a new addition to the services provided by the Participatory City Foundation

This foundation is a charity working for the benefit of the people living in Barking and Dagenham, East London.  

They launched their Every One Every Day practical projects in 2017.  These projects are designed for people to work together on an equal footing. They create lots of mutual benefits for people taking part. They make people feel welcome, happy and connected to neighbours from all walks of life. They improve levels of health and wellbeing; increase learning and provide new pathways to work and self-employment well as helping to make neighbourhoods kinder to the planet by creating lots of opportunities to grow, share, repair and recycle.  

The projects include sharing knowledge, spaces and resources, for families to work and play together, for bulk cooking, food growing, tree planting, for trading, making and repairing, and for growing community businesses. 

The foundation is building practical participation systems including discovery days, study trips and – coming up - short online courses.