ACC Live Stronger for Longer

ACC has just launched the Live Stronger for Longer social marketing campaign designed to prevent falls and fractures.

ACC reminds us that every year one in three people aged 65 and over injure themselves in a fall. This rises to one in two once you reach 80.

They say that the good news is falls aren’t a natural part of the ageing process and they can be prevented if people know the risks.

They are encouraging people to take a class and improve their core strength.

ACC also points out that exercise can help older people: keep their bones strong; give them more energy; help people sleep better; and help control blood pressure, sugar levels and weight.

Posters are available - encouraging older people to find a course near them.

If your organisation includes core strength building classes for older people this resource is especially valuable to you.

Posters can be ordered from the ACC website - all ready to print – in sizes A5, A4.

Click here to find the resources.