AONTAS Learner Publication 2017

If you are up for some serious reading about quality, the 2017 Irish Journal, The Adult Learner – the Irish Journal of Adult and Community Education, has just been made available online.

In his Editorial comment Rob Mark notes: “In the past decade, there has been a growing focus on the issue of quality and its management across the broad field of adult learning. Concern stems partly from the need to increase competitiveness in a global economy, but also from the demand for public services to demonstrate accountability and ability to achieve results….

“The articles are divided into two sections. In section 1 there are six articles which present different perspectives on critical debates in adult learning and in section 2, there are a further two articles which are case studies of practice. “ Also just published is Aontas’s 2017 Learner Report. The views of Irish learners have been gathered – so that their voice can be heard in the review and planning process.