On March 20 this year ICT News posted an article on how we can help elderly family members embrace technology in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

ITU News is a service of the United Nations. The organisation provides information on the latest information and communication technology (ICT) trends that will impact sustainable development worldwide. In the article they noted that Age UK offers advice about making the most of using technology and the Internet, with information that you can use to help your elderly family members get online, use Skype, social media, and watch TV online, among other things. They also have a Digital Buddy scheme which gives advice on how you can inspire older people in their community to make the most of technology.

In Aotearoa New Zealand 14 percent of the population are over 65 years. Many are digitally connected - see The Ways the Elderly are Using the Internet. Some are not. At a time when online banking, online shopping and interconnectedness matters, (and seniors may need help in identifying scams) adult educators may have an important role in facilitating support while maintaining physical distance.

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