Keep an eye out for issues of importance to you or your organisation by regularly visiting the New Zealand Parliament/Pāremata Aotearoa select committee work. The select committees work on a wide range of topics that affect all New Zealanders.

There are currently 12 subject committees and 5 specialist committees.

To find out what items are before the select committees go to the committee business items. This will show which items are currently open for submission and when they close. You generally have the opportunity to make a submission on things that interest you. This submission is a chance for you to give your opinion or any recommendations you think are relevant to the matter before the select committee. You are able to make a submission in either English or Māori. Click here to find out more about making a submission.

Once a committee has reached a conclusion based on everyone's feedback and official advice they will present it to Parliament. The report will also be shared with everyone through the Parliament website.

You have the option of getting alerts to your email by supplying your email address. Otherwise, you can visit the Parliament Submission and Advice page regularly to stay up to date on current business.

For the biggest impact, you should aim to create a submission that is clear and easy to understand. Following the guidelines set out by the Parliament website can help to get your opinion across to the select committee. You can make your submission online by following the step by step process. Be aware that your name or organisation is required to be published with the submission.

You can also make your submission by sending two hard copies to the Select Committee Services at Parliament.

Anybody can have their say if the submissions are open so go the Parliament website to find a submission you can contribute to.