A press release from th European Commission on 25 January 2018 announced the start of the 1st European Education Summit. Eighteen EU Ministers as well as hundreds of professionals came together to discuss the broad theme, Laying the Foundations of a European Education Area: for an innovative , inclusive and values-based education.

Europe already has targets for participation in lifelong learning which they see as vital if their countries are to prosper in a changing world.

The proposal is that the EU benchmark for participation in lifelong learning will be increased to 25% by 2025. The European Platform for Lifelong Learning welcomes the new target but points out that the current benchmark of 15% by 2020 is far from a reality. Participation is currently nearly 11% and huge disparities exist between Member States. They call for "concrete implementing actions" and robust investment in lifelong learning systems which integrate all ages and levels of education. These systems need to build links between formal, non-formal and informal learning and support flexible pathways for all citizens... That is what lifelong learning is truly about.

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