Homeless Adult Learning Australia

Like New Zealand and many other western countries, homelessness has become a big problem in Australia. So one community organisation is trialling an educational solution.

The course is written up in Adult Learning Australia’s publication Quest - Issue 2 2018

The organisation’s research suggested that homeless people are often seen as risky tenants.

But they found that there are two sides to the problem.

The homeless often don’t have the knowledge or skills to be a good tenant – or they have no previous tenancy experience; and the real estate sector needs to use ways of mitigating risk.

Local real estate agents said that “good tenants communicate effectively, understand their legal rights and responsibilities, regularly maintain and clean their property and effectively manage their finances.”

The course has four modules: communication skills, tenant’s rights and responsibilities, in-depth cleaning skills and budgeting.

Click here to read the article in Adult Learning Australia’s publication, Quest.