192 Tinakori Road Wellington – fifty years on

By Jo Lynch, long-time ACE Aotearoa Newsletter editor

Haere rā Andrea Cameron

After 32 years living in Aotearoa, Andrea Cameron is returning to Canada to be closer to her whānau. Andrea has been ACE Director at Rutherford College for 19 years and has worked tirelessly in all aspects of adult education both regionally and nationally.

Andrea says that while the decision to move home wasn’t easy, she is looking forward to spending more time with her parents. In Canada, Andrea will be living in a village called Naramata, which is nestled on Okanagan Lake, just below the famous KVR Trail.

Introducing Jackie Curtis

I am delighted to be taking over the role of editor of the ACE Aotearoa newsletter. While there are big boots to fill following Jo’s long-term commitment to the role, I look forward to learning more about your journeys and experiences and to sharing your stories with a wider audience.

Learning Styles – VARK

In education, it is widely recognised that individuals have diverse learning preferences and styles. The VARK model, developed by Neil D. Fleming and colleagues, offers insights into these individual differences by categorising learners into four distinct styles: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic. Understanding the VARK learning styles can significantly enhance teaching and learning experiences, promoting effective communication and engagement among learners and educators.