How to write objectives for learner success

ACE Teaching Standard 5 – Design and plan the best learning programme.

Writing learning objectives helps you to focus on what you want ACE learners to know, to do and what attitudes you want to encourage.

Getting ACE back in Golden Bay

In 2010, when government funding to schools providing ACE stopped, Collingwood Area School in Golden Bay, like most schools throughout the country, closed down their ACE programme. Now, out of the original 212 ACE-funded schools, only 17 are left.

But two years ago a small ACE programme returned to this rural community at the Top of the South. It’s being delivered by the Golden Bay Workcentre Trust.

Our People: Bronwyn Yates has resigned

Bronwyn Yates has resigned as Te Tumuaki Literacy Aotearoa.

Bronwyn has worked in the community education and voluntary sector, primarily in the area of adult literacy, for over 30 years as a tutor, literacy coordinator and national trainer and manager.

Our People: Linda Melrose has resigned

Linda Melrose has been the Adult Learning Director Kaiwhakahaere at Onehunga High School for just under thirty years. During that time she has not only made a significant contribution to the delivery of adult and community education in South Auckland, she has contributed nationally as the founder and then the President of CLASS (several times), a member of the ACE Aotearoa Board and a member of the ACE Sector Strategic Alliance.