iQ Talanoa: pathways and poetry

There’s a Facebook page, iQ Talanoa. It’s closed. What is it about, we wondered? Sounds as if it could have something to do with adult and community education. Several attempts to find out failed, then we emailed Labour MP Anahila Kanongataá-Suisuiki, who had a Facebook entry that showed up in a search: It was about hosting a visit by iQ Talanoa to parliament. Anahila kindly passed the message onto Maureen Fepuleai. So we got in touch with Maureen and asked her, what is iQ Talanoa? This is what she told us:

Hutt Valley Tokelauan community: confidence and inspiration

Ko te maopopo te lima malohi
Ke te tauamoga o te atu fenua
Our strength is in the collaboration of our people
For binding together we will uplift the nation.

In October last year the Hutt Valley Tokelauan community (the second largest in Aotearoa) started planning their cultural capability and digital skills training workshops, funded by an ACE Aotearoa professional development grant.

Ime Telea, a member of the committee overseeing the implementation of the grant, explained the need for the training:

International: Adult Learning in Scotland in 2020

By Jackie Howie, CEO, Learning Link Scotland
Learning Link Scotland is a national intermediary for third sector adult learning in Scotland. We were established for, and by, third sector adult learning organisations; our vision is that people will have access and equal opportunity to strong, independent, and vibrant third sector adult education, and that organisations work in partnership with others to fulfil lifelong learning, social inclusion, and democratic aspirations.