Helping adults learn how to identify fake news

ASPBAE has reported on an Indonesian workshop addressing the phenomenon of fake news and enhancing digital literacies to tackle the challenge.

“The workshop was designed to actively and creatively engage the participants in the sessions. Some of the issues covered were social media’s responsibility towards protecting users from fake news, the “post-truth” era, why and how fake news originated and is spread, the impact it has on people and communities, how to recognise it, and how to counter its growing influence.

Learning how to learn

RNZ’s Nine to Noon programme on Monday April 8 included an interview with Barbara Oakley on learning how to learn.

Barbara Oakley is the co-founder of the world's most popular online course, Learning How to Learn which has over 2 million learners world-wide.

The interview with Kathryn Ryan includes Barbara’s personal story and some of the basic practices which she suggests help people of all ages to become a successful learner.

EAEA theme of the year 2019: Life skills and participation

The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) has selected a topic for 2019: they are exploring life skills, and how life skills impact participation in adult learning.

They define life skills as building blocks of independence and self-efficacy – a combination of capabilities that enable adults to become lifelong learners and to solve problems in order to live an independent life and participate in society.

Thoughts on creating an online tool for adult learners

If anything, adult learners tend to be the busiest people. This is something that needs to be kept in mind when developing any tool online. 

Adults also come with years of different experiences, skills and knowldege. An online tool should have the user in mind. Have content that is relevant, encourages adult learners to explore and emphasise realworld benefits.

Creating an online tool usually requires input from an administrator, developer, user (educator and learner) and funders.