Capability development: ACE Aotearoa a translator and skill developer

Pacific Capacity Partnership

By Analiese Robertson, ACE Aotearoa PD and Networks Manager
ACE Aotearoa has long had a focus on building the sector capability to better deliver quality learning to learners. And we have been doing it one educator, organisation and community at a time.

Professor Sir Alan Tuckett on UK adult education

Alan Tuckett

If you look hard and are resourceful you can find places for adults to learn in Britain today. But you do have to search them out. Yet the need for a fresh commitment to easily accessible lifelong learning has never been greater. For fifteen years outside of higher education, policies have concentrated more and more resource on schools, and on the immediate learning needs of 16–18s. The impact on adult learning has been stark. Two million fewer adults (among them the poorest and least skilled) get access to publicly supported further education than in 2003.