ALA Lifelong learning

Adult Learning Australia’s (ALA) most recent pre budget submission puts the case for greater investment in non-formal education.

Again they are asking for a formal policy on lifelong learning ‘as an essential feature of a healthy democracy.’

They are also wanting a restoration of their funding so they can provide PD, research and support for the sector.

The submission makes the case for ‘resilient and equitable lifelong learning communities.’ And they note that lifelong learning is now necessary for people to adapt to change and build the skills and knowledge they need if they are not to be at risk of unemployment, poverty and social exclusion.

They say that lifelong learning communities mobilise their resources to foster a culture of empowerment, social inclusion, prosperity and sustainability through learning.

ALA has marshalled some interesting evidence.

For example statistics by provider type shows that community providers have greater success rates for graduates who get jobs after training with a community provider than all other providers.

Click here to read the submission.