Analiese Robertson, previously Director of ACE Aotearoa, has moved into a secondment role with AA Focus, a subsidiary company of ACE Aotearoa. Analiese was previously the Professional Development and Networks Manager from August 2010 – May 2021 before becoming the Director, a position held until August 2023 upon acceptance of the secondment.

AA Focus was established in 2017 by ACE Aotearoa to create a diversified funding model for the organisation and assist with ensuring organisational sustainability.

“It was always the long-term plan to have a business entity that focused on building a financial base outside of our government tertiary contract,” says Analiese.

“AA Focus has three core income streams that we have worked hard to mature. These include a project with Foundation North|Pūtea Hāpai Oranga, an organisation that provides community support funding for projects and initiatives that create positive change. AA Focus provides specific tailored support to over 120 Pacific organisations to build organisation capability.

The second programme of work is with the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to provide diplomatic cultural training for High Commissioners and their staff posted to Pacific countries in the Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga, Kiribati, and Samoa. Our third income stream comes from ACE House which is our largest asset and one that provides a steady income stream from rents.”

During the past seven years, Analiese has worked across both ACE Aotearoa and AA Focus. AA Focus has been largely dependent on the recognised expertise, reputation, and relationship management of Analiese. The secondment position will enable growth and provide a dedicated resource for AA Focus Ltd.

“The focus of my secondment role is going to be on increasing our financial base to enable ACE to continue to deliver to our communities on our terms and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”