This is a message from ĀKAU in Kaikohe.

Kia ora koutou,
Looking for creative activities to do with your bubble, whānau, kuri, tamariki? Look no further! ĀKAU have created some online resources for you to do from your own whare. We’ll keep releasing new kaupapa so make sure you keep checking in. Click here for more information.

Bubble Flag!
This is an opportunity for you and your whānau to get involved in a cool kaupapa, Bubble Flag! We’re inviting all the bubbles out there to design and create a flag that represents your bubble. It's about creating a sense of kotahitanga, or unity while also getting involved in fun creative activities!

Think outside the box, utilise whatever you have around your whare and check out the ĀKAU Design Kete for Inspiration.

Tātai whetū ki te rangi,
mau tonu, mau tonu;
Tātai tangata ki te whenua
ngaro noa, ngaro noa.

In short, this whakatauaki translates to “The stars in the sky remain forevermore; people bound to the land will pass”. What does this mean for you? In this new reality it’s important to treasure your whānau, and take the time to look after yourself. Life is about moments and opportunities, make the most of these and fill them with aroha.
ĀKAU whānau