And might they be eligible for a scholarship?

You might be interested in exploring some of the websites which have information about scholarships that target second chance learners.

If your learner is a young woman here is one possibility: The New Horizons for Women Trust provides a number of second-chance education, research and specific purpose awards.  They are for women under 25 years of age. There are two types of Second-Chance Education Awards: Foundation Study Awards ($1,000); and Diploma and Degree Study Awards ($3,000 to $4,000). Go to the website to get all the details.

Then there is the Norman Kirk Memorial Trust (NKMT). The NKMT seeks to promote the welfare and progress of the people of New Zealand and the South Pacific, especially those who have the capacity to benefit from further education, study or training, but who need financial assistance in realising their potential. This trust does not consider direct applications from people or organisations. It has partnership arrangements with organisations in New Zealand and the South Pacific. Go to to find out more.

For general information about all scholarships go to the Careers NZ site

Winning scholarships or grants can be tough, but someone has to get them!