ACE Quality Assurance

The ACE Sector Quality Assurance Toolkit was developed by a sector working group, published by TEC (2008) and updated through a sector review in 2015.

The Toolkit is based on the belief that good systems provide a strong base from which to deliver activities that meet community needs. The Toolkit was created to assist ACE sector providers to undertake a system wide self-assessment, to enable stakeholders, learners and providers to be confident that robust and effective processes and systems are supporting ACE service provision.

The Quality Assurance documents (downloadable):

New Resource

The ACE Sector Outcomes model shows, in a diagram, the key outcomes the ACE Sector as a whole intends to contribute to. It incorporates key statements and priorities to achieve key outcomes for the sector, as identified in key guiding documents. These include the Better Public Service goals, the Tertiary Education Strategy, and TEC’s national priorities for ACE, and other important outcomes for the sector.

The resource is intended to guide ACE sector providers, to use the ACE sector outcomes model by customising the ACE sector outcomes model to your organisation.