Supporting Teaching and Learning with Social Media Tools Workshop

Social Media and online tools are a growing trend in education and have been for some time around the world. The internet has made learning much more accessible and instantaneous; we are able to share information in ways that didn’t exist a few years ago. We are also aware that educators are beginning to think more about how to respond to a new generation of youth or digital natives who may be resistant to traditional methods of teaching and learning.

This workshop will discuss emerging trends in the use of social media – as a teaching and learning tool, and in engaging the younger adult learner. We will explore tools like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and others to get a sense of how they might be incorporated into your practice.

Who are the workshops for?

Any organisation providing learning for adults.

How can I register?

To attend a workshop, please send an email to Tai Samaeli  or call 04 473 6625.