ACE Learner Outcomes Tool Workshop

The ACE Learner Outcomes Tool is a web-based, learner centred framework that tracks learner outcomes. This provides measurable evidence that ACE learners are better off as a result of their participation in adult education. The outcomes tool uses learner surveys to measure whether your organisation is making a positive difference in people’s lives as well as achieving its objectives.

Whilst other online systems allow you to create surveys and evaluate programmes, the beauty of the Learner Outcomes tool is that it allows your learners to take a comparative survey both pre and post using your services. The results reported provide an indication of the contribution your services have made to their lives.

What are the benefits?

“Demonstrate the value”

Historically individual ACE Providers have been able to demonstrate the quality of their educational input and the high levels of learner satisfaction with the tutoring and learning they have received.

However, apart from anecdotal evidence, we as a sector have been unable to show that learners have achieved great outcomes following on from their ACE learning experiences.

We want to demonstrate not only the quality of the courses themselves, but the benefits from participating in adult education for individuals and the wider community.

An outcomes based approach enables us to answer the question “Is anyone better off from this activity?”

Because the surveys are completed by your learners, the results can be used for reporting – for them it becomes a record of their journey and for you it provides evidence of service impact – essential when looking to receive funding.

Who is it for?

Any organisation providing learning for adults.

How can I register?

To find out how to participate in measuring Learner Outcomes please send an email to Carl Pascoe on email: or on mobile 027 434 4648.