UK Research on Future Policy Needs for Adult Education

Adult Education, Too important to be left to chance

A recent UK report; Adult Education, Too important to be left to chance discusses what policy development is needed to secure the future of adult education.

The report's executive summary starts with the following sentence:

Nationally, adult education providers indicate there is a government policy 'lopsided fixation' on both young people and apprenticeships, at the expense of other forms of adult education.

The first recommendation is:

Establish a national and regional strategy for adult education, health, employability and well-being — bringing together the different departmental interests, led by a senior Minister to provide an accountability and quality assured framework at a national and regional level. There needs to be clear criteria for providers to capture, collate and disseminate the full benefits of adult education, including improvements to their health and well-being and participation as an active citizen against the accountability and quality-assured framework.

The report is available here.