Professional Development Workshops

Tools for the Sector

We are scheduling one-day professional development workshops in 2017.  The regional workshops will be an opportunity for providers and members to receive updates on our professional development role, network with other providers and community organisations, and find out more about the tools that are available for use.  

They include:

  • Induction to the ACE Sector **NEW**
  • ACE Quality Assurance and External Evaluation Review
  • ACE Learner Outcomes
  • ACE Learner Pathways
  • ACE Teaching Standards

ACE Quality Assurance and External Evaluation Review (QA/EER)

The ACE Sector Quality Assurance Toolkit was developed by a sector working group, published by TEC (2008) and updated through a sector review in 2015. The purpose of the Toolkit is to assist providers to undertake a system wide self-assessment, to enable funders, learners and providers to be confident that robust and effective processes and systems are supporting ACE service provision.

The workshop will be an opportunity to learn more about the QA and EER projects and to explore application of the updated QA toolkit.

Click here for more information on the ACE Quality Assurance toolkit.

ACE Learner Outcomes

You know learners are making progress from your ACE programmes, but now there’s an easy to use, free tool to help you tell your outcomes story like never before. The new Learner Outcomes System makes it easy for you to pull together information for funding applications and clearly show the positive results of your courses.

This workshop is designed to provide hands-on training on how to use the new system with your learners.

Click here for more information on the ACE Learner Outcomes project.

ACE Learner Pathways

Learner pathways are lifelong learning journeys where learners have access to good information and pathways leading to a better future for themselves, their families and communities (Working Group definition). A discussion document has been drafted, which sets out some key intentions, considerations and guiding principles with indicators to assist with identifying effective pathways. A significant achievement has been the development of the learner profiles, showing the diversity and measurement.

This workshop will be an opportunity to learn about the pathways project, share what you are doing and learn from others, identify ways to develop new capabilities within your own organisation, and give feedback on the discussion document.

Click here for more information on the ACE Learner Pathways project.

ACE Teaching Standards

Standards are expectations of expertise and performance. It is not enough to know how to teach, this knowledge must be applied consistently in practice. The usefulness of any set of standards will depend on how well they meet the needs of learners, tutors and providers.

This workshop will be an opportunity to talk with other ACE tutors, educators, kaiako, providers about teaching standards in adult and community education. We invite you to share your experiences and welcome feedback on the ACE Teaching Standards reviewed in 2014.

Click here for more information on the ACE Teaching Standards.

Active Citizens Workshop

The Electoral Commission’s Your Voice, Your Choice Learning Units were developed with input from ACE Aotearoa for an adult learning environment. The focus is on connecting the voting system to learners’ own lives to deepen their understanding about how New Zealand’s system of government operates. It encourages learners to consider how they themselves can participate in the system, through critical thinking around individual and community issues.

This workshop will provide an opportunity to get to know the resource through interaction and space for deliberate future planning. You will be encouraged to adapt the sequence of learning activities to meet the specific needs and experiences of your learners. There will also be plenty of opportunity to discuss how it can be used as a literacy tool.

Click here to download a copy of the Your Voice, Your Choice resource.

Social Media: How to develop a Social Media Strategy

A good social media strategy can help organisations fulfil their mission. The aim of this workshop is to provide a space to investigate the important role that technology plays both personally and professionally, and to move thinking towards developing a social media strategy for your organisation. We will explore information & communications technology (ICT) planning, talk about how to align your ICT use, acquisition and management with your organisation’s mission, vision and business plan. This workshop is for managers, staff and governance members.

Social Media: Supporting teaching and learning with social media tools

Social Media and online tools are a growing trend in education and have been for some time around the world. The internet has made learning much more accessible and instantaneous; we are able to share information in ways that didn’t exist a few years ago. We are also aware that educators are beginning to think more about how to respond to a new generation of youth or digital natives who may be resistant to traditional methods of teaching and learning. This workshop will discuss emerging trends in the use of social media – as a teaching and learning tool, and in engaging the younger adult learner. We will explore tools like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and others to get a sense of how they might be incorporated into your practice.

Collaborative Governance

ACE Aotearoa has been working with Twyfords to facilitate delivery of a two-day tailored workshop to sector members. Participants are invited to share their experiences of working together with stakeholders so that they can improve access to quality learning for learners. There is also the opportunity to apply the Twyfords’ model in your communities.

Click here to download a copy of the ACE Collaborative Activities Project Framework document.

Who are the workshops for?

Any organisation providing learning for adults.

How can I register?

To attend a workshop, please send an email to Analiese Robertson  or call 04 473 6622.