OECD Skills Strategy Diagnostic Report Netherlands

The OECD measures skills in student and adult populations and works with countries to develop skills strategies tailored to specific needs and contexts.

OECD notes: Today we rely on information and communication technologies and devices that hadn’t even been imagined just 30 years ago. The set of skills we need to participate fully in and benefit from our hyper-connected societies and increasingly knowledge-based economies has changed profoundly too. The OECD Skills Strategy framework is being used to support countries in building more effective national skills strategies by:

  • Working closely with inter-ministerial teams in capitals whose members include government officials from education, employment, economic development and innovation, among others.
  • Engaging a broad range of stakeholders through interactive workshops to build a deep, shared understanding of the skills challenges facing their country.
  • Identifying the country’s key skills challenges and designing concrete actions to improve the country’s skills system.

A number of countries have participated. OECD Skills Strategy Diagnostic Report Netherlands