ACE House has a rich history dating back to its construction in 1909. Originally built for Mrs. Margaret Hacon, a widow who returned to her hometown of Wellington after the passing of her husband, a prominent doctor from Christchurch. Mrs. Hacon acquired the property situated on the corner of Tinakori Rd and Poplar Ave and made arrangements for its relocation. She then enlisted the services of architects Hoggart and Proust to design her new residence.

The architectural design of ACE House was ahead of its time and has been recognised for its significance. In the 1995 WCC Heritage Buildings Inventory, it is described as a "Baroque version of a German/Swiss half-timber framed vernacular style." However, a more recent assessment suggests that the decorative elements beneath the triple windows on the facade represent Art Nouveau forms, with the overall design following German trends rather than Swiss.

The original plans of the house are currently on display just inside the front door, revealing the layout of the time. The ground floor comprised living rooms, a dining room, kitchen, and scullery, while the upper floor housed bedrooms, including a maid's room, and a bathroom. Over the years, the house underwent several modifications. A garage was added in 1945, followed by the inclusion of a meeting room on the ground floor in 1962 and an external staircase in 1966.

The connection between ACE House and community education dates back to 1949 when it became the headquarters for community learning. It served as the office for the National Council of Adult Education, which was established under the Education Act of 1938 to coordinate adult education activities. In 1952, the National Council of Adult Education acquired the house with the assistance of a £4,250 grant from Ronald Algie, the Minister of Education at the time. The house has been occupied by various tenants, including the Regional Council (later Department) of Adult Education of Victoria University, WEA, ESOL Home Tutor Schemes, English Language Partners NZ, Multicultural New Zealand, Kore Hiakai, New Zealand Christian Social Services and Social Service Providers Aotearoa.

Following the disestablishment of the National Council of Adult Education in 1988, its assets were transferred to the current national organisation, ACE Aotearoa.

However, in the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes in September 2010, Wellington buildings underwent thorough inspections by the Council, and ACE House received a "yellow sticker" designation, indicating the need for earthquake strengthening.

In 2014, the strengthening work on ACE House was completed, which involved the removal of chimneys. Additionally, a building consent application was approved to undertake critical foundation work, tying the House to the piles and replacing deteriorated, unreinforced concrete. Furthermore, upgrades were required to bring the building in line with current compliance codes set by the Council. These upgrades included the installation of smoke and heat detectors, an improved fire escape system, and the addition of an accessible ramp to the House.