Beyond the more commonly known online tools, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Mailchimp, here are five other online tools that are free and easy to use.

Luna Pic is a picture editing tool. We use it for preparing pictures for our website. The helpful editing tools include cropping, resizing, scaling the image, rotating the image and many other touch up tools.

Small PDF can be used to convert and edit your PDF files. We use it to merge or split PDFs but it has a range of other options including compressing PDF, PDF to JPG, PDF converter and more.

Buffer allows you to schedule Twitter and Facebook posts at a time that you want them to go out. We use this when we find a lot of online content we want to share but would like to not share it all at the same time. You can add a browser extension so you can buffer something when you are browsing online, and it tracks your engagement so you can see how you are doing.

Canva is an easy graphics and design tool that includes the creation of infographics. We use it to create sharp and focused graphics for our social media platforms and website. With a large variety of editable templates this is quick and easy tool to use.

Slideshare is a content sharing online platform. We use it for sharing PDF presentations that can be easily embedded onto our website and shared by email. This is a lot you can discover at Slideshare through a simple search of the presentations others have shared.