Learning to Lead

While a few gifted individuals step easily into leadership roles, for others the process is more of a learning exercise that develops over time and with experience and exposure to a range of opportunities.

Wayfinding Leadership – Ground-breaking Wisdom for Leading

Wayfinding Leadership is based on the art of traditional Polynesian navigation with the techniques transforming leaders and organisations by using new practices, such as mindfulness and awareness of environment.

Dr Chellie Spiller is the lead facilitator on Wayfinding Leadership programmes in Aotearoa and we were privileged to have some of her graduates and team members share their knowledge at the ACE Conference.

ACE Aotearoa Annual Report 2022

The 2022 ACE Aotearoa Annual Report documents some of the highlights of the past year. Despite the fact that we were still very much in the midst of COVID and we experienced some extreme weather events, we still managed to achieve some excellent results.

We have shared a few highlights with you here, but feel free to read the full annual report here.

Using Resources and Questions to Enhance Teaching Practice

ACE Teaching Standard 3 - Promote a collaborative, inclusive and supportive learning environment.
ACE Teaching Standard 5 – Design and plan the best learning programme.

Effective teaching requires a combination of well-curated resources and thought-provoking questions to engage learners, promote critical thinking, and facilitate meaningful learning experiences. Utilising a wide range of resources and employing strategic questioning techniques can greatly enhance teaching practice and lead to improved learner outcomes.

Tairāwhiti REAP: Kaingākau Programme

Never has strong leadership within our communities been more evident than during the devastating weather events of early 2023, and no region has been more impacted than Tairāwhiti.

Cyclone Gabrielle tested the resilience of the wider Tairāwhiti community with Tairāwhiti REAP having to pivot their focus to the recovery space and shoring up strong connections to help with preparedness for future events.