History of ACE House

ACE House has a rich history dating back to its construction in 1909. Originally built for Mrs. Margaret Hacon, a widow who returned to her hometown of Wellington after the passing of her husband, a prominent doctor from Christchurch. Mrs. Hacon acquired the property situated on the corner of Tinakori Rd and Poplar Ave and made arrangements for its relocation. She then enlisted the services of architects Hoggart and Proust to design her new residence.

Tararua REAP: getting your ducks in a row

In the middle of last year, two Tararua REAP Budget Service Mentors, Rozanne Jensen and Julie Walker decided it was time to do something about the difficulties many people can get into after the death of a family member. Both women have had careers in banking, and both had recently completed a Money Mates course run by FinCap – which created a space for them to advance their thinking.

International: Aontas and the Inclusive Recovery and Transformation: Adult Learning Post-Covid-19 (2022-2023)

AONTAS is the National Coordinator for the European Agenda for Adult Learning (EAAL) in Ireland. The EAAL seeks to strengthen the place of adult learning in the participating countries across Europe.

In 2014 AONTAS was nominated by the Irish Department of Education and Skills to become the National Coordinator for implementing the EAAL This means that AONTAS facilitates cooperation with the other EU Member States and the European Commission in implementing the adult-learning agenda in Ireland.

Enhancing Learners' Success through Formative Evaluation

ACE Teaching Standard 4 - Analyse and appropriately use learner information which has been gathered formally and informally.

In the dynamic landscape of community education, continuous improvement and learner success are important. One powerful tool that supports these goals is formative evaluation. Formative evaluation refers to the ongoing assessment and feedback process that takes place during the learning journey, aimed at enhancing learning outcomes.