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ACE Place resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACE Place?
ACE Place is a website that helps adult learners work out what they want to achieve and how to get there with the help and support of the community. It’s a place to…

  • Explore different learning pathways
  • Find out what courses are being offered in the community
  • Offer to teach a skill to others
  • Share learning experiences and hear from others
  • Store qualifications, work experience and achievements as a CV
  • Prioritise life goals and more

I'm an educator - why should I start a course on ACE Place?
ACE Place allows you to create a rich, collaborative learning environment that supports adult learners on their learning journey.

Learners in your part of Aotearoa New Zealand can discover your course, work out if it's right for them, hear from others and share their own learning experiences.

I'm a learner - how can I create an ACE Place?
Creating an ACE Place is easy. You can join by registering at the bottom right of the homepage. Then, go to MY PLACE > MY ACE PLACES > CREATE OR REQUEST AN ACE PLACE.