Workshop: Tools for the Sector (Wellington)

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This workshop will explore the application of ACE Learner Pathways, ACE Place and ACE Trace (learner outcomes) tools.

This workshop will be an opportunity for providers and members to learn more about supporting learners and their learning goals.

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ACE Learner Pathways, facilitator – Analiese Robertson, Professional Development and Networks Manager

Learner pathways support learners to access quality information and make good choices on their lifelong learning journey, leading to a better future for them, their families and communities.

ACE Place, facilitator – Carl Pascoe

Carl Pascoe

ACE Place helps adult learners work out what they want to achieve and learn, and how to get there.  It connects learners with providers.

ACE Trace, facilitator – Carl Pascoe

ACE Trace is a web-based outcomes tool that uses learner surveys to measure, or ‘trace’ whether a provider is making a positive difference in learner's lives and achieving its objectives.


ACE House, 192 Tinakori Road, Thorndon, Wellington

December 2017

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